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Welcome to my photo site!! Photography has been a passion of mine since my high school days. Of course, back then I was shooting with a 35mm film camera and developing my own pictures. I admit that I do miss the good 'ole days in the darkroom, BUT I'm having a great time in the digital age. I absolutely love my Nikon cameras(D200/D300)! One of my jobs is working as a freelance photographer - I take pictures for a local paper, community organizations, and do plenty of parties, events, and portraiture.

I'm currently building my photo the meantime, I'm using this site for clients to preview photos and for family/friends to see pictures of our lives. So, there's a mix of high quality photos, as well as regular, unprocessed stuff. Hopefully, my new site will be up soon!

If you are interested in purchasing photos or in need of a photographer in the Washington DC area, please email me at

Thanks for peeping at my site!

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